Overcoming Stress

Are you finding yourself “stressed for success”?
Failure is never the goal. Yet we miss deadlines, don’t make quotas, and can’t seem to live up to our own expectations – at work, at home, even at play.

At work, you’re a professional with years of experience. But lately, you can’t seem to get your work done to your satisfaction…or your boss’s. And you’re taking your stress home with you.

At play, you’re on the course or on the field to enjoy the game, but because of your frustration with your own performance, it just isn’t fun anymore. Or perhaps life has just become so stressful you feel you’ve lost way. In the busy-ness of life, you find you are just “existing” rather than making a definitive decision to live the life you want. Do you wake up some days, wondering where’s the time gone? Or perhaps you wake up and wonder how did I get here – it wasn’t what I planned and it isn’t where I want to be.

I strongly encourage and guide clients through a process of self discovery. Together we figure out what their purpose is, what really “excites” them, and makes them feel alive. Finally, we determine the process by which they can honor and live that life – from inside out.

Stress is like a “Catch-22”; the more you let stress affect you, the more stressed and tense you become. And when you’re stressed and anxious, you can’t achieve your personal best in anything you do.

The Pursue Excellence Program and my extensive experience in performance enhancement, mental skills training, and stress management, I can teach you how to change your way of thinking, coaching you on how to make the emotions you feel in stressful situations work for you, not against you. I can help you define the life you want, determine the path and coach you through the process. By channeling your energies, you can learn to empower your mind to operate at peak performance. You’ll be ready to achieve your personal best in each and every endeavor.

If you’re feeling “stressed for success” please reach out to me for a complimentary 30 minute “Get Acquainted” session where we can begin to identify what it is that’s holding you back and what it is you wish to accomplish.  Call 414-777-1757 as the first step in your process toward enjoying a more rewarding and satisfying life.

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