Dr. Wendy Freitag

Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Therapy clinician, trainer and consultant

Dr Wendy FreitagPurpose

Dr. Wendy Freitag is a Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Therapy clinician, trainer and consultant as well as a Professional & Life Coach with over 25 years of experience. “My purpose in life is to help people become comfortable in their own skin, so I became a clinical psychologist. I am also committed to helping people capitalize on their strengths, hence my interested in performance enhancement and coaching.”  In each facet of her business, Dr. Freitag assists people in achieving their optimum results and improve their lives through self-discovery. “It is so exciting to watch my clients grow, overcome obstacles, and achieve their personal best, whether that be in work or play—or just life.” She allows her clients to realize new heights of personal and professional success, fulfillment, and happiness.

Philosophy & Style

She is direct, yet compassionate and supportive, but also challenging.  With an unwavering dedication to improving her client’s lives, Dr. Freitag serves to empower those she works with to empower themselves and succeed.

Dr. Freitag is an ardent believer in karma – what goes around comes around and you get out of life what you put into it.  She believes people are entitled to live a rewarding and fulfilling life but also recognizes that they often need help doing so.  Through a philosophy of self-discovery and self-empowerment, Dr. Freitag is committed to fostering the ability to succeed independently in her clients.

Dr. Freitag also believes that intentions are indicative of what we think, say, and how we behave.  A negative person created negativity.  Conversely, an individual with positive intentions will breed positive outcomes.

Living with Intention is about creating one’s life, figuring out who and what you want to be when you are fully engaged in life. In the busy-ness of life, people just “exist” through life rather than make a definitive decision to live the life they want to live. They often wake up one day and wonder how they got here or where the time went. They travel aimlessly through life on auto pilot, letting life just happen to them. To manifest the life you want, you first need to intend it, believe it and be open to receive it. A coach can help you define the life you want, determine the path and coach you through the process Living with Intention takes personal commitment. Commitment to the end results and making the changes necessary to live the life they want. The first step is to decide that you want something different.

Here is where coaching can be a benefit. Often time we need an outside source to help us define the life we want and how to achieve it. Sometime there are unforeseen obstacles, but with the intention and the goal, the obstacles are overcome. With out the goal or results as the beacon, the obstacles can easily win. Obstacles can be many things, past, inner conflicts, external challenges, habits that die hard and the list goes on and on. Obstacles are inevitable, but when the focus is the goal, and the goal is the guiding light, the path becomes clear.

Working with people to find more meaning in their life is very exciting to me. So many people today are spiritually empty and find life quite unfulfilling. Some people look to material things or external validation (i.e., promotion, expensive car) to fill them up or make them feel alive. The external things don’t do it alone, if those things are not honoring of the ‘person’ or ‘self’ inside. Another type of coaching client that finds life unfulfilling is the person who lives life selflessly. Everyone comes first and this leads to anger, frustration, lack of fulfillment and discontent. The selfless place is often familiar, but truly uncomfortable. I strongly encourage and guide clients, through a process of self discovery, to figure out what their purpose is, what really excites them in life and to then determine the process by which they can honor and live that life. My work is to empower clients to figure out what ‘excites’ them; makes them feel alive; and to live a life honoring self inside-out.

Involvement in EMDR Therapy

Originally trained by Dr. Francine Shapiro in 1994, I am a EMDRIA Certified Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consulting – meaning I have gone beyond the basic level of training required to offer EMDR therapy, and have met many additional criteria regarding my level of experience and skill with EMDR. I serve as the President of the EMDR Research Foundation since 2006. The Foundation is a nonprofit (501(c) (3), supporting both the theory and practice of EMDR. The goals of the Foundation are to promote quality research, disseminate current information to mental health professionals, and provide effective and efficient treatment information for mental health consumers. I am an EMDR Institute Senior and Regional Trainer, Facilitator & Logistician.

I feel privileged to have been elected to serve in many roles that have shaped the professionalism of EMDR therapy over the years. I served as the EMDRIA Secretary, President and Director from 1998-2006. During my Board tenure I serve on every administrative committee and chaired the the Educational Program and Professional Development Committee, which developed the Basic Training requirements used today. I served as the co-chair and now serve as a member of the EMDRIA Standard & Training Subcommittee to revise the credentialing requirements for Certified Therapists & Approved Consultants since 2012.

Locally, I am the co-founder and coordinator of the EMDRIA Wisconsin Regional Network. I am an adjunct faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – School of Continuing Education where I teach the EMDR Basic Training Course.

As a Clinical Psychologist:

Through the expert use of various psychotherapeutic treatments, chiefly EMDR therapy, Dr. Freitag works with clients to reconcile past traumatic events and to treat many psychological afflictions such as depression, anxiety, and anger.  She also works with her clients to develop a stronger sense of self-empowerment to enhance many facets of their lives.

As a Life Coach:

Dr. Freitag looks to help her clients become comfortable in their own skin.  She pursues a course of self-empowerment and improvement using a variety of tools and methods, namely the Pursue Excellence Program.  Emphasizing a mentality of Living With Intention and becoming fully engaged in life, Dr. Freitag works with clients to better manage relationships, cope with fear and stress, excel at professional and personal ambitions, and enjoy greater satisfaction in life.  Through the focus of positive energy, Dr. Freitag encourages her clients to set goals and prioritize them, then construct a plan for accomplishing them.


Dr. Freitag received her B.A. in 1982 from Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI. There she majored in Psychology and Biology. She majored in clinical psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where she received her M.S. in 1987 and Ph.D. in 1991.

Licensure and National Register:

National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology (#42168)
State of Wisconsin License (#1705)


Regional Trainer & Training Facilitator/Logistician, EMDR Institute; Certified Therapist & Approved Consultant, EMDRIA; Adjunct Faculty for the Trauma Counseling Program, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI; Adjunct Faculty for the Corporate Counseling Program, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI; Director, Stress Management & Mental Health Center-Germantown; Clinical Psychology Internship, Zablocki Veteran’s Administration Medical Center; Acting Team Leader, Milwaukee Veterans Center-Milwaukee, WI; Assistant Director, Alcohol Studies Center; Therapist, Women’s Group, Center for Behavioral Medicine; Crisis Counselor, Task Force On Battered Women

Professional Affiliations:

EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)
EMDR Research Foundation
Wisconsin Psychological Association

Officer and Advisory Committees
2006 – Present:  President – EMDR Research Foundation
2012 – 2018  Co-Chair & Member – EMDRIA Professional Development Subcommittee
2002 – 2007 Chair – EMDRIA Educational Programs & Professional Development Subcommittee
2003 – 2005 Director – EMDR International Association
2002 – 2003 Past-President – EMDR International Association
2000 – 2001 President – EMDR International Association
1999 – 2000 President-Elect – EMDR International Association
1998 – 1999 Secretary – EMDR International Association
1997 – 1998 Secretary-Elect – EMDR International Association
1995 – 1998 Board of Governors – Wisconsin Psychological Association
1995 – Present Alverno College National Council
1991 – 1993 Women Veteran Working Group (WVWG) – Acting Chairperson
1991 – 1993 Special Outreach Group – WVWG Representative

Honors and Awards
2004 Francine Shapiro Award for Outstanding Service to EMDR
EMDR International Association Conference in Montreal, QC

2004 Outstanding Contribution and Service to EMDRIA
EMDR International Association Conference in Montreal, QC