EMDR Therapy Consultation

“After my EMDR therapy training, I found consultation vital to building the foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for successful practice. It offered the support I needed as I started using EMDR therapy. I would like to provide the same support and guidance as you journey to become a competent EMDR therapy clinician.”

My EMDR therapy knowledge and skills have been sharpened by conducting EMDR basic training and certification consultation, as well as mentoring consultant-in-training on their journey towards becoming an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. I am honored and so grateful to facilitate newly trained therapists in learning EMDR therapy, as well as mentoring clinicians to be the best they can be through the certification process.

I consider EMDR therapy Consultation to be a collaborative relationship between two mental health professionals. As a seasoned and well-experienced EMDR therapy clinician and consultant and trainer, I provide up-to-date and relevant information regarding the utilization of EMDR therapy with various client populations. I am committed to help you become a competent EMDR therapy clinician with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate and use EMDR therapy successfully in your practice.

If you are a mental health professional looking to incorporate EMDR therapy into your practice, I can be of service every step of the way. As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant I can help you to:

  • Become proficient in the use of EMDR therapy as a psychotherapeutic treatment and integrate it into your practice.
  • Become an EMDRIA Certified Therapist, by providing the required consultation and mentoring you to success.
  • Strive to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultant – taking the next step and becoming an authority on a powerful and dynamic approach to treatment.

Consultation Sessions are designed to cover the nuts and bolts of integrating EMDR into your practice. The sessions focus on, but are not limited to:

  • Discussing clinical cases in a safe and professional environment
  • Case conceptualization and formulation
  • Application of the EMDR therapy procedural steps,
  • Assessing a client’s readiness for EMDR therapy
  • Learning or reviewing EMDR treatment protocols
  • Specific application of knowledge and skills
  • Integration of EMDR into an overall treatment plan and one’s clinical practice
  • Address any difficulties that naturally arise as one begins to use a new therapy
  • Handling common technical difficulties
  • Updates on clinical and research developments
  • Opportunities for videotape review
  • Celebrating your successes

Individual Consultation is held in my Wauwatosa office, telephone or via Zoom videoconferencing.

Face-to-face groups meet monthly at my Wauwatosa office, with early morning, daytime and evening sessions available.

Private Case Consultation is also available for individuals or small groups scheduled as needed, offering consultation to already established peer groups

Teleconference or Videoconferencing Sessions are offered via conference calls or videoconferencing and saves travel time as you can do it from anywhere and any device.

EMDR Therapy Basic Training


EMDR Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol & Group Traumatic Episode Protocol Training

Presented by Reg Morrow Robinson, Ed.S., LMFT, LMHC, NCC on September 27-28, 2019 at Crown Plaza Airport Hotel, Milwaukee, WI