I am glad you came to visitAs a potential new client, I trust you will find what you are looking for if you are ready to live the life you want. My aim is to employ innovative practices to improve the lives of my clients. I help tap into a hidden potential that resides within us – whether to heal past trauma, gain balance and perspective in life and relationships, or assert yourself as confident and capable. Through a diverse and dynamic range of services and treatments, I seek to empower my clients to capitalize on their strengths, improve their lives and become comfortable in their own skin.” Equally important it is essential that you are as committed to improving your life as I am to enabling youto do so. The primary focuses of my practice are: Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy, EMDR Consultation, along with Professional and Life Coaching.

Conquer your fears, overcome your stress, and surpass your goals.

About Dr. Wendy Freitag

Dr. Wendy Freitag is a Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Therapy clinician, trainer and consultant as well as a Professional & Life Coach with over 25 years of experience. …

Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy

I have a general practice serving adults and couples with an emphasis on treating depression, trauma, anxiety, grief, loss, anger and life’s transitions. Through innovative practices, including EMDR therapy

EMDR Consultation

In addition to working as an EMDR therapy clinician, I also serve as a mentor and consultant to mental health professionals who are embarking upon their own EMDR practice or who are seeking EMDR therapy Certification or to become an EMDR…

Professional and Personal Coaching

Fulfillment requires commitment. Many people have the ambition to improve their lives, but lack the direction. I take a consultative, compassionate, yet direct approach to helping you derive the satisfaction from life you want and deserve…

Pursue Excellence

Upcoming Workshops

EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Spring 2022

Virtual Format

Jan 28-30 & Mar  25-27

This training designed for those interested in learning to integrate EMDR therapy successfully into their clinical practice by developing and applying their skills over an extended period of time.

EMDR Therapy Basic Training - Fall 2022

The dates for the Fall Cycle will be available soon.  A hybrid training of both in-person and virtual formats is in the planning stages.